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Chanderi fabric is traditional and ethnic, its lightweight, sheer surface and fine extravagant feel. Chanderi is a fabric made by weaving in silk and Zari in the conventional cotton yarn that outcomes in the making of the sparkling texture. The texture acquired its name from the residential area Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh where customary weavers rehearse the craft of delivering finished sarees in cotton and silk brightened with fine zari work.

There are three types of Chanderi – Chanderi silk cotton, unadulterated silk and Chanderi cotton. Customarily, it was principally utilized as a part of weaving Sarees and Salwar Kameez material.

These days, young ladies incline toward wearing Chanderi sarees. It is one of the must-have things for each saree enthusiast and has developed as the most downplayed Indian ethnic clothing. Chanderi sarees are a must wear for summer and also for formal dressing.



Chanderi town is extraordinary compared to other handloom groups in India where Chanderi Material was woven utilizing handspun cotton twists and wefts. In any case, the advancement of the chanderi fabric started in the 1890’s when weavers in the town of Chanderi supplanted hand spun yarns with mill yarns. However, in the event that legends are to be trusted, Chanderi texture is known to have its cause path back in the Vedic Period and was established by Lord Krishna’s cousin – Shishupal.

In the year 1910, Chanderi sarees were belittled by the imperial group of Scindia and it was amid that period when brilliant string theme made its essence in the cotton muslin saree out of the blue. In any case, it was during the Mughal rule that the chanderi fabric got what it deserved and achieved heights and it was the first choice of the queens. In the 1930s, Chanderi weavers in Madhya Pradesh found Japanese silk. Wraps of cotton were replaced by Silk and that is how the silk variety was made.

Chanderi Fabric(Chanderi Silk Shirt With Embroidery @TheIndianFashion)



Recently, designers have worked with Chanderi weavers to make beautiful designs and dresses for your wardrobe. The amazing quality of chanderi fabric captivated numerous innovative personalities of the industry.

Chanderi Fabric(Chanderi Silk Gown @TheIndianFashion)



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