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Palazzo Palazzo: Palazzo in their awesome prints and flared outlines are followed back to a pattern advancement path once again from the ’60s. Going solid with agreeable forms, these jeans are going immense with a combination of ethnic prints, getting style darlings to plunge into an elephant, camel, and peacock print themes. What with Short Kurtis, […]

Brasso Fabric

BRASSO Brasso: Wispy, delicate tissue like textures with dazzling structures, Brasso is remarkable in each feeling of the word. Additionally prevalently known as ‘wore out texture’, Brasso has been around for quite a long time and has been an extraordinary wellspring of imaginative motivation for skilled workers and planners over the world. From lehengas to […]

Georgette Salwar Kameez

Georgette Salwar Kameez   Georgette Salwar Kameez: Georgette is a light-weight, crinkled and sheer texture, showing a general fun look. A solid spongy, Georgette is anything but difficult to color and has a dull-unpleasant surface. Georgette is woven in profoundly bent yarns of S and Z, in both twist and weft. Georgette is woven in […]

Silk Salwar Kameez & Fabric

SILK SALWAR KAMEEZ & FABRIC Silk Salwar Kameez: Silk texture, otherwise called ‘Paat’ in East India, Pattu in South India, and Resham in North India, is a characteristic fiber created from the casings of mulberry silkworm by means of a procedure called Sericulture. The yarns delivered from the procedure of sericulture are utilized to weave […]

Sharara Collection

SHARARA SHARARA:  The Sharara is a three-piece outfit with flared pants for bringing down, with a join at or beneath the knee level, for the most part, worn to weddings. The skirt-like diagram beneath the knee is intensely flared ( additionally called the trumpet skirt) and looks like the state of an umbrella. The Sharara […]

Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Anarkali Salwar Kameez Anarkali Salwar Kameez: Style Designers have been astounding us with the most developmental outlines of the Indian wardrobe till date. Regardless, Gowns that have been the evergreen forté of the glitz darlings, the Indian fashioners are currently astonishing us with  Anarkalis or Floor Length Anarkalis.   For designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi, […]

Khadi Salwar Kameez

KHADI FABRIC KHADI FABRIC: Khadi (or Khaddar) is a hand-spun or handwoven texture essentially spun out of cotton and in some cases silk and fleece. India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are the fundamental makers of Khadi material. Today, it is a design forward industry turning a worldwide interest.   It was re-found by opportunity warrior Mahatma Gandhi, […]

Bandhani or Bandhej

Bandhani or Bandhej Bandhani or Bandhej: Bandhej, otherwise called Bandhani, is a tie and color strategy rehearsed for the most part in conditions of Rajasthan, Gujarat and parts of Uttar Pradesh. The word Bandhani is gotten from a Sanskrit word Banda which signifies “to tie”. Bandhani is genuinely a workmanship that includes coloring a texture […]

Pashmina Suits Online

PASHMINA FABRIC Whats is Pashmina? Pashmina: Pashmina (otherwise called Pashm) is a fine cashmere wool, originating from Kashmir in India and a few sections of Nepal. The word ‘Pashmina’ originates from the Persian word ‘Pashmineh’ which signifies ‘produced using Pashm’, and Pash implies fleece in Persian. The Iranians, who came to Kashmir by means of the […]

Banarasi Outfits This Season

Banarasi   Banarasi: A trunk stuffed with dynamic garments, a container brimming with valuable stones, palms decked with Mehandi and evenings loaded with dance and song, weddings are surely the best piece of the year! With wedding solicitations thumping at the entryway, let us take you through the must-have outfits this wedding season! With alternatives overflowing […]


EID Eid: The celebration of Eid or Eid-ul-Fitr genuinely refelects the dressing society of Muslims. Not Similar to different celebrations which might be changed to suit a nation’s setting, the celebration and dressing on Eid-al-Fitr is as yet perfect, with all the Islamist nations of the world after comparable conventions. Along these lines, regardless of […]


EMBROIDERY Embroidery: Embroidery is the art of beautifying fabric with patterns, themes or dynamic designs, sewed in strands of yarn or string, utilizing a needle. Embroidered work incorporates sewing of embellishments, for example, metal strips, pearls, mirrors, sequins and beads.     History It follows its starting points to China and it advanced in the third […]

Best Online Websites For Salwar Kameez In India

BEST ONLINE WEBSITES FOR SALWAR KAMEEZ IN INDIA Best Online Websites For Salwar Kameez: The pattern of shopping has been changed recently. Today internet shopping is at its peak. The vast majority of brands are offering their items on their stores as well as offering them online. The expanded reach of the online world especially […]

Chanderi Fabric

CHANDERI FABRIC Chanderi fabric is traditional and ethnic, its lightweight, sheer surface and fine extravagant feel. Chanderi is a fabric made by weaving in silk and Zari in the conventional cotton yarn that outcomes in the making of the sparkling texture. The texture acquired its name from the residential area Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh where […]

Salwar Suits Online

SALWAR SUITS ONLINE: The Salwar Suits India are a standout among the most famous Indian dresses for the ladies. They are easy to wear as well as give them a stylish look. The style of the salwar kameez likewise fluctuates with time. The designers are continually attempting to display something new to the general population. […]

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