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What is Gota Patti Work?

Gota Patti is a sort of Indian weaving that began in Rajasthan, India. Gota weaving utilizes the applique method. Little bits of zari strip are connected onto the dress material with the edges sewn down to make expound and detailed designs. Gota Patti weaving is utilized widely in South Asian wedding and formal garments.

It is connected on to the edges of a dress to make extravagant designs and is relevantly utilized for wedding Sarees and Lehengas. In Rajasthan, Gota Patti is broadly done on Dupattas and Ghagras. Outfits embellished with Gota Work Suits are relevantly worn at weddings, functions and traditional festivals.

Gold and silver metals were used initially to embroider. However, it was replaced by copper covered with silver as the real method for making it extremely costly. These days there are significantly more reasonable alternatives. The copper has been supplanted by polyester film which is additionally metalized and covered to suit necessities. This is known as Plastic Gota and is profoundly tough as it has a decent protection from dampness and does not discolor rather than metal based Gota.

gota patti

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Rajasthan, brings everything at its generally wonderful. Maybe no other district of India is so exciting, so beautiful thus has increasingly the customary and pleasant.

Gota Patti is the well known weaving of the Shekhawati area of Rajasthan, basically done at Jaipur, Ajmer and Khandela. The art is passed starting with one age then onto the next.

The primary wellspring of wage for the ladies originates from this art. All people group ladies like Jains, Baniyas, and Rajputs are associated with the specialty however religion-wise predominately Muslims are included, the proportion being Muslim 75% and Hindus 25%.  An intriguing standing measurement of the specialty is that the Rajput ladies do gota work and Muslim ladies do aari-tari and kashidakari yet to their misfortune all are uneducated.


Designs & Usage

Gota Patti is the thing that one searches for when they need to look rich and snappy, other than being ethnic. From sari outskirts to pad covers, gota patti work looks tremendous inside and out. Young ladies in India and over the world love to display gota deal with substantial lehengas, saris and dupattas as well. The silver or gold bits of lace are cut into fine bits of string with a specific design, for example, blooms, leaves, flying creatures, pictures and other geometric examples. Gota Patti Work can be thin or thick, contingent upon one’s taste.

Dots and extraordinary cut stones are likewise utilized as a part of pair with gota work so as to give the texture a fine wrap up. Adjusted off blossoms and leaves are maybe the most widely recognized type of themes utilized as a part of gota work with regards to weaving.

Aside from saris, suits, and lehengas, gota work can likewise be broadly found on pad covers, bed sheets, jhola packs, ethnic grips, shoes, house hold embellishments and floor coverings. Such bits of craftsmanship have turned out to be exceptionally prevalent in the course of the most recent couple of years and keep on reigning Indian design significantly. Conventional and delightful Anarkali suits additionally exhibit thick and expansive gota outskirts in silver and gold which look to a great degree excellent against rich shades of dim green, dark, red, majenta, darker and yellow hued textures.


gota patti

(Heavy Gota Work and Kundan Work Suit)

Wash Care

Should be hand washed


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